Iodine Deficit

Due to UNICEF  and World Health Organization initiative, is the problem of Iodine deficit in human´s food chain given higher attention.

 There are a few reasons:

  1. mass presence of Iodine shortness and diseases caused by its deficit. According to research there is more than 1,5 bilion of people in the world suffering from Iodine deficit,
  2. diseases from Iodine deficit cause disorders, that are known and are able to be completely cured.

In Czech Republic 10% of population is affected (according to the other research almost 65%) and world wide it´s about 1,5 bilion people. Deficit of this element in food and organism leads to pancreas disoder, obesity. Low intake of Iodine while pregnancy causes brain disoders in development of fetus, which tends to further mental and physical problems. Iodine deficit at teen age can cause hypothyrosis, disoder of mental functions,slow sexual development .

To cope with Iodine deficit we simply need to increase its physiological value. Current recommended value is 150 micrograms for adults, 200 micrograms for children age 7 to 10 years.  Iodine can  be supplied to body in many ways. Salt water, fish and sea weed contain a lot of Iodine, but it is necessary to say that not all the people are used to eating this and the price is also quite high.

How can Iodine deficit affect children?

Iodine deficit can be dangerous for fetus and infants because it causes life lasting handicap of mental abilities – cretenism. For past couple of decades no mental handicaps have occured due to Iodine deficit in our country, but even low level of Iodine in mother´s organism and in early childhood negatively influences correct mental and physical development, resulting in problems with learning, understanding and inteligence decrease. Iodine deficit can also cause hearing problems.

Iodine deficit in adult age.

Iodine shortage in organism is linked with concentration problems, weariness, slow motion, feeling of cold, dry skin, constipation, anaemia, weight gaining. Women can suffer from breast cancer, irregular period, problems with pregnancy, infertility. Iodine deficit causes thyroid gland enlargement – Derbyshire neck occur, as well as it is a background of various health problems.


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