Mothers and children

Iodine deficit in pregnancy can be harmfull.

Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers shouldn´t forget to increase intake of Iodine. Its low intake can harm fetus. Iodine shortage decreases thyroid gland function, in prenatal development can affect mental and physical functions of child.

We are used to get Iodine from salt, however future and breastfeeding mothers eat less salty food. Therefore they should eat nutriment supplements enriched with Iodine. Deficit of this substance at teen age causes disoders, infertility in future life.
Independent studies proved, that 3 % of children and 45 % of adults don´t have enough Iodine in organism. Quite good for Iodine intake for children have school canteens, which use salt with Iodine and add salt, fish and drinks with Iodine to meals.

Iodine is added in cooking salt, baby milks, special products for pregnant women and baby food. Food producers place Iodine in bread and meat products, some into drinking water. Humans should have sufficient  amount of Iodine in body for lifetime, due to its ability to decrease cardio-vascular diseases and cancer.


Iodination helped to wipe out child handicap

We learn from historical documents how child diseases used to be dangerous. In 19th and 20th century children suffering from Iodine deficit were endangered by endemic cretenism. There were not changes for treatements, because of irreversible brain changes. Occurence of endemic cretenism vanished after introduction of Iodination in affected areas. This means it was added to salt and water, which were used daily. Iodine with other minerals should be part of our daily diet.

Importance of Iodine for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers

All Iodine important for production of own thyroid gland fetal hormones fetus gains from mother´s organism. Therefore it is important for mother while pregnant and breastfeeding to take enough Iodine. The best natural source of Iodine are sea products, which should be eaten twice a week and other products with Iodine (beverages, meals).

 The specialists statement

„Future mothers need twice as much Iodine. Adult person should take about 150 micrograms daily, found for eg. in 100 grams of fish or half litre of milk,“ says Lydie Ryšavá from Health State Institute. Sea food contains a large amounts of Iodine. But for people living inland is salt main source, to which Iodine has been added since 1950´s. Iodine is also compound of milk products, as the animals intake it through their feeding. Iodine deficit lowers production of thyroid gland, which works on its own yet before birth.

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