IODICA coffee

Enjoy the beneficial effects of natural iodine and minerals
in a unique combination with quality coffee


IODICA Coffee is a unique combination of:

  • QUALITY COFFEE, as the most widespread commodities in the world and
  • NATURAL IODINE CONCENTRATE with minerals, which is obtained from naturally formed sediments from the bottom of prehistoric seas and oceans. They formed mainly during the Miocene, more than 35 million years ago.


The added iodine concentrate makes the taste and aroma of the coffee more intense.

7g of coffee contains 30 mcg of iodine, which represents
20% of the recommended daily dose



Country of origin: CUBA

Region: Sierra Maestra
Classification: Superior Serrano Lavado
Taste: nut-chocolate
Aroma: nutty
Body: Smooth and consistent
Acidity: –
Processing: wet method
Roasting: Full City

We are preparing other varieties of coffee